Details about our reselling program are as follow:

Disclaimer / Terms of Conditions:

1. Though we take utmost care in packaging and sending out the courier we are not responsible for any delays in shipment packet once it leaves our office.

2. We will share the tracking number of the courier once it leaves from our office, after that we will not engage in tracking or updating for the same.

3. In case of breakage, we will ONLY REFUND THE PRODUCT COST & NOT THE COURIER.

4. We will be taking orders via e-mail only, which is easy to manage and keep track of the orders. Please make sure you include to and from address as well. 

5. NO DESIGNING, NO FONT SELECTIONS from our end. We charge for printing + product cost and not designing. We will delivery what we charge for. For fonts, visit

5a. Designing Services: In case you are not able to make the design or send print file, please opt for designing services @ 3000 per month. We will make the designs and take approval for confirmed orders only. 

6. NO urgent work until accepted by us. We try and fulfil all the orders the next day but sometime due to work load we have to distribute the time. Please ask for sufficient time from your customers so that we can send quality products.

7. NO Handling of direct clients. We only deal with you.

8. For New Resellers only: We take 10,000 INR deposit and keep on deducting as the order comes along with the courier charges. We will share details in excel sheet every 10 days or so. 

9. Please read the above carefully, we will not be responsible for errors in case of misjudgements, please feel free to call and speak if you have any query.



  1. Silver: Deposit 40,000 and get Slab 2 (50+) pricing for single orders as well +Free designing services.
  2. Gold: Deposit 80,000 and get slab 3 (100+) pricing for single orders as well + Free designing services.
  3. Design Package: Deposit 7500 and get service for 3 months. Price Slab remains the same. 


DESIGNING****:  We will make the design in the nearest font and color possible. Every design may not be possible to recreate. It will be at our discretion.

Kids Themes [Free to use, Just tell us the names to be printed]